Croatia - Round Trip Sailing from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

7 Days Gulet Sailing - Croatia

{ When you put together a charming wooden sailing ship, skillful crew, crystal clean blue sea, excellent food served aboard and traveling from one fortified town to another, it all might sound like a pirates adventure. Same thrill and joy, but much less danger, brings to you our new, seven days tour, from Dubrovnik to Kotor, with touching all the most interesting and valuable spots on the way. Join us in a voyage through south of Adriatic sea, the most beautiful part of the most beautiful sea in the world. }


40% advance payment must be made in order to confirm the booking, 60% balance payment must be made 1 month prior to embarkation by bank transfer. Less than 90 days prior to embarkation the advance payment will be charged. Less than 30 days prior to embarkation 70% of the total charter fee will be charged.

Obligatory Extras

  • Tourist tax 1€/person/day

What is Included

  • Insurance
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Captain
  • WiFi
  • Chef
  • Crew
  • Water Skis

What is not Included

  • Dinner
  • Government Personal Tax
  • Port Taxes
  • All inlcusive

Detailed timeline

  • Sailing around Dubrovnik City Walls

    Our luxury adventure starts in Dubrovnik, cultural and economical center of the Mediteranean sea for many centuries. Its strenght and independence allowed it to grow up into a pearl of world architecture, both defensive and residential. Sailing around magnificent city walls is a experience that you will never forget. After getting aboard in early afternoon, the ship will stay moored, and we will leave you enough time to explore this unique city, swim and enjoy in excellent food.

  • Herceg Novi

    The dawn of the second day will rise in a town that for a long time was pirates stronghold. With his many fortress connected by a long wall, the town was built to keep an entrance into a secret world of Kotor’s Bay. Now days, Herceg Novi is a touristic center of the area, with plenty of amenities to offer. We will feed you well, so you have energy to swim and wonder around for a whole day.

  • Perast, bay of Croatian Saints

    On a third day we will enter mystical Kotor’s Bay, so called “a bay of Croatian saints” due to numerous of saints buried there. Our first destination is Perast, a town where we will anchorage, eat nice food and relax surrounded by natural beauty. If you can imagine Bel Air of the 16 century, that would be town of Perast. It is rather small town, but it all consists of beautiful renaissance palaces and mansions. Perast use to be a centre of naval trading, captains and ship owners in the old times.

  • Kotor, the Croatian Camelot

    The very hart of Kotor’s Bay belongs to town of Kotor. The most hidden and fortified town in the bay, stays there like a task for our Nostra Vita to conquer before turn back to its homeport Dubrovnik. Kotor is like the king’s Arthur Camelot, and entering the town through its town gate and walking on his stone covered streets, with old cannons around, you will feel as a knight. Kotor’s town wall is 5 km long, and up to 20 meters high. Inside it there are a lot of good restaurants, shops, and plenty of interesting details to haunt by camera.

  • Cavtat

    After conquering the biggest fjord in Adriatic coast, we are on our way back to Dubrovnik, satisfied and fully loaded with warm impressions that we soaked during our magical trip. But it wouldn’t be complete without touching a picturesque town of Cavtat and its long stone jetty, with palm trees growing on it. Cavtat is one incredible place, so peaceful and harmonious, that you will wish never to leave it. There is a lot of stories to tell about Cavtat and surrounding islands, but that is something that our captain want to tell you by himself, as he is in love with this cute town. Cavtat area is perfect for diving, or just lay down and sunbathe while waiting for our cook to prepare some excellent dinner.

  • Elafiti, the Diamond of the Crown

    The sixth day is reserved for the diamonds in a crown of Adriatic natural and heritage highlights. There are fourteen islands in the Elafiti group and three of them that we will visit, are inhabitate since middle ages. The stony sea bed is covered in green, black and red algae and is rich in white fish, shrimp and shellfish. We will anchorage in calm bays with a view to the renaissance palaces and castles rising up in white stone from green forest scenery of those cute tiny islands. This is a perfect place for swimming, diving and sunbathing, so you’ll have a lot of time to do it. When you get hungry of lay back and relaxing, we will serve you some of our unforgettable meals.

  • Dubrovnik Streets

    The last day of our little adventure will start in some quiet bay, where we going to have a farewell dinner the evening before. After breakfast aboard and morning swimming, we will take you to Dubrovnik town where you will able to do your final shopping, enjoy walking barefoot on the worm stone of Dubrovnik streets, have a coffee in a hidden side street, or explore all the details of beauty that surround you. We will ask you to leave the ship between 9 and 10 am, so we can prepare her for new guests.

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