Croatia - Luxury Gulet Sailing from Dubrovnik to Venice

14 Days Gulet Sailing - Croatia

{ For the first time aboard on a luxury yacht, we decide to connect two pearls of Adriatic Sea: Dubrovnik and Venice. A trip from Bella Venetia to the stone jewel of Dubrovnik, along the magic Croatian Adriatic coast, will take you to the land of dreams, and make you wish never to wake up. }


40% advance payment must be made in order to confirm the booking, 60% balance payment must be made 1 month prior to embarkation by bank transfer. Less than 90 days prior to embarkation the advance payment will be charged. Less than 30 days prior to embarkation 70% of the total charter fee will be charged.

Obligatory Extras

  • Tourist tax 1€/person/day

What is Included

  • Insurance
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Captain
  • WiFi
  • Wind-Surf Desk
  • Chef
  • Crew

What is not Included

  • Dinner
  • Government Personal Tax
  • Jet Sky
  • Port Taxes
  • All inlcusive

Detailed timeline

  • Dubrovnik

    Our guests will get on board in early afternoon. They will have a lot of free time for sight seeing of this world famous city, visiting of museums, shopping and leisure in picturesque street cafe bars and restaurants. Dubrovnik is world-famous for its cultural heritage and beauty (inscribed on the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO) - is one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean. Apart from its outstanding natural beauties and well-preserved cultural and historical heritage, Dubrovnik also offers high-quality visitor opportunities. It is also the city of hotels, of high ecological standards and tourist programs, and is equally attractive in all seasons.

  • Visit to the National Park in Mljet Island

    Departure from Dubrovnik at 9 AM and sailing toward astonishing and unique national park of Mljet. Anchorage in picturesque Polace bay, enjoying fresh fish and crabs for lunch and swimming in crystal clean sea of national park area. In the afternoon, visit two Mljet’s salt lakes. On the Big Lake, there is a small island St. Mary, with fortified monastery from the Romanesque period on it, like a castle from fairytales. On an Island within an Island! Having dinner somewhere in the ancient mystic of Mljet’s “midland” is an exceptional experience.

  • Korkula Island

    Reaching from Mljet, we will anchorage in front of a small Island of Badija, in the middle of Korcula archipelagos, to enjoy swimming and lunch in spectacular scenery of a bouquet of beautiful islands. There is an old monastery on Badija Island, beaches, restaurant, and if you are lucky, you can meet a deer there, as they live freely on the island. In the afternoon, cooled by a characteristic breeze of mistral, we will moor in marina in centre of Korcula town, a hometown of Marko Polo, wonder through narrow stone streets of the ancient city and look for the best restaurant in town with the best view to an unforgettable sunset.

  • Island of Hvar

    When you wake up that day, we will be on our way to Hvar Island. You will enjoy your breakfast while listen calming sound of beautiful gulet cutting blue waves. Lunch will be served on another small island of Scedro in Hvar’s vicinity. You will have a time for yourself there, for swimming, scuba diving, Jet Ski, or simple snooze in the shade of fragrant pines. Around 5 pm, we will moor on Hvar Island in some quiet bay. Our crew will take you to sight seeing in beautiful Hvar town with a long and rich history. Supper in restaurant or aboard.

  • Rogoznica

    Morning arrival to bay of Rogoznica, with a breakfast aboard, picking up some good place for enjoying in Mediterranean way of life, that includes making barbecue, drinking excellent wine and relaxing for a whole day. Rogoznica is an area in the middle of Adriatic coast, connecting its south and north, and representing the very best of both sides. Especially when you enjoy it on such a luxury and cosy boat.

  • Skradin, National Park

    Another national park on our Adriatic route is River Krka falls and cute little town of Skradin on the rivers drain. The town is protected by law as a monument. We will reach it sailing slowly through a high, impressive canyon, dag in hard stone by force of Krka River. An excursion to beautiful Krka’s falls and old river mills will be organized. There is a curiosity about Krka. The very first hydro-electrical plant in the world was made there, and you’ll be able to visit it. Like every day, meals are either served aboard, or you can enjoy in some local restaurants. However, as Krka is extremely clean river, we recommend you to taste some river fish local speciality in restaurant ashore.

  • Kornati Islands

    After a freshness of inlet river experience, we are back to pure Adriatic, heading its most interesting part – national park of Kornati islands. Passing a labyrinth of numerous little islands and rocks, we will search for a perfect bay to spend a day there, but wherever we anchorage, we will find sea that is clean that you can see seabed even if it is on depth of 40 meters! You will find out why Kornati Islands are favourite destination for nautical pilgrims that are looking for “something completely different”. Moreover, there are enough islands and bays for everyone there.

  • Telascica long bay

    Leaving stone-white Kornati, we will enjoy in a deep green colour of pine forest around lake-like calm sea surface in a long bay of Telascica. This is a perfect place to test your diving equipment, because of richness of sea life there. In addition, as this area was the main trading route throughout a history, if you look carefully, you might find some sank old ship, and even a lost treasury. You never know about those things in Adriatic Sea. a In the evening, we will make a campfire, put some fresh fish on grill, open wine bottle, and enjoy in silence of starry night and a time passing by.

  • Molat Island

    Another picturesque island out of mass tourism routes, with no hotels, no crowd, no noise, only a few restaurants and shops, perfect for spend a lazy day on it, or exploring numerous small islands around it, with scuba diving gear or Jet Ski. We will serve meals aboard, but you are also welcome to make a gastronomy research in local restaurants if you like. Most of the restaurants in such a small coastal towns, with local cooks, are places that you are going to fall in love on a first taste. With his infallible instinct of an experienced sea wolf, our captain will always be on your disposal to help you to find a perfect one for unforgettable gastronomic and ethnologic experience.

  • Mali Losinj

    On this island, you’ll experience a symphony of colours, fragrances and tastes, revelling in the island’s traditional cuisine based on wild, aromatic plants and olive oil. Once again, you’ll be delighted by the taste of spring lamb and Kvarner Bay scampi, the aroma of homemade brandy with pot herbs and the bouquet of our local wine from Susak. We'll departure from Kornati early morning, so we provide you enough time to enjoy this very unique dot on earht. The plan is to anchorage in town's vicinity and enjoy in relaxing atmosphere.

  • Istra or Terra Magica

    Next morning, the gulet will reach Istra, the biggest semi island of Croatian Adriatic coast. Istra it is also called Terra Magica in Latin, i. e. magic land, which it really is. The first contact with magical Istra you'll have in town of Medulin. The boat will anchorage in bay of Medulin, and you will decide whether to have meal aboard and relax, or to be transported ashore for sight seeing and having fun in this popular touristic destination.

  • The beautiful of Umag

    According some opinions, Umag is the most beautiful town of Istra coast. The boat will moor in Umag marina in late afternoon, but right on time to enjoy a coffee, buy some nice souvenir, make a photo session, and pick a perfect restaurant for delicious dinner. Umag is one of the many towns on Adriatic coast that exists even since the ages of old Roman’s empire. You can actually see and feel its centuries of history in every step on streets of stone.

  • Venice

    Whatever we tell you about Venice, La Serenissima (the most serene), you will forget when you actually see it and experience energy of this, so called, the most romantic city in the world. So, let us leave it to your personal impression. The boat will be moored in one of Venetians marina, and on your disposal for a whole day. Visit to each part of this town built in sandy lagoon will be possible through narrow sea channels, and only by a local taxi boats.

  • Leaving

    You will be kindly asked to say goodbye to your host, by 10 o’clock am, so she can be prepared to welcome new group of guests, which will go with us through this Adriatic adventure of paradise exploring. However, do not be sad about saying goodbye, since we know that once you feel Mediterranean air from the gulet deck, you will be back on it again.

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